Path to Peace

As I am sure you are aware, 11th November 2018 sees the centenary of Armistice Day. As a school, we are planning to mark this international event in a number of ways.

On Friday 9th November, the whole school will participate in a 1918 day.

Everyone is encouraged to come in clothes inspired by the era and pupils will be taught the three R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. There will be a special lunch option for those on school dinners.

You should not need to get anything special for the day, school uniforms can be adapted. Ideas for dress:

  • Girls pinafore with apron and/or mop cap
  • Boy shorts, shirt, sweater vest, knee socks

In addition, to remember this event for years to come, we are creating a Path to Peace. All members of schools will be decorating a pebble with designs inspired by symbols of peace and unity to be placed into a permanent walkway.

In order to help fund this, we are asking our pupils to donate at least £1 each by Friday 9th November.  This can be paid via your parentpay account.  Any surplus donations will be handed to the Royal British Legion.

Do any parents/carers have any of the following items they can donate by Monday 5th November?

hard core, membrane, path edging, cement, builders sand, use of cement mixer and tools for digging/laying.

If any parent/carer is ale to help with the laying of the path on Monday afternoon please let the school office know.

Many thanks for your support,

Miss Price