Physical Education

Physical education (PE) is part of every child’s entitlement to a good education

It is unique in that it is taught through physical activity in weekly practical lessons both indoors and outdoors, in a wide range of physical, creative and aesthetic settings.

It provides pupils with the generic skills, knowledge and understanding they need to become physically literate, and at the same time gives most of them their first regular experiences of sport. When taught well, physical education enthuses and inspires pupils to participate fully and develop a life-long love of physical activity, sport and exercise.

In our physical education programme, we aim to promote our children’s health, physical development and confidence. They experience a wide range of PE activities including dance, gymnastics, games, athletics and swimming.

We aim to provide a wide range of sporting activities according to the National Curriculum for PE.

Through physical education we aim to encourage:

  • Physical activity, fitness and promotion of a healthy lifestyle where safety is paramount.
  • Positive attitudes and a sense of fair play.
  • Social interaction through children’s involvement in extra-curricular activities.

In gymnastics we aim to offer the children experience of both floor exercises and using apparatus. In dance, we aim to develop the children’s ability to control their movements in response to music, communicating and interpreting feelings and emotions

Clothing for indoor PE

  • Green shorts and yellow t-shirt
  • Pumps or bare feet

Clothing for outdoor PE

  • Green shorts and gold t-shirt
  • During cold weather, sweatshirts and tracksuits may be worn
  • Sensible trainers

Extra-curricular activities

Our specialised sport’s coaches and teaching staff, offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities throughout the week.

For example, dodge ball, football, netball and golf. However, not all of our clubs are sport focused.

Please see the school office for information regarding clubs being offered this half term.

The Curriculum

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Skills Progression Reception – Year 6