How music is taught

At Elmridge we have an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning. We use Charanga Musical School scheme to support the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The understanding of musical concepts is learnt through a repetition-based approach. Children learn about the same musical concept through different musical activities that enable a secure, deep learning and mastery of musical skills. Over time, children develop new musical skills and concepts, and re-visit established musical skills and concepts.

The teaching of music is split into three areas: listening & appraising, musical activities and performing. During music lessons children learn to sing the unit song, play instrumental parts using musical scores, improvise with the song using voices and instruments, compose with the song using instruments and perform the song at the end of each unit.

Instrumental Music Tuition

We provide the opportunity for all pupils in Key Stage 2, to learn an instrument, free of charge, during curriculum sessions.

We offer a wide range of instrumental tuition throughout school which is delivered by Trafford Music Service. Pupils have the opportunity to pay for extra-curricular instrument tuition. Currently we have children learning to play the piano, recorder, clarinet, guitar and ukulele.  Any parent interested in tuition, should see Mrs Matthews in the school office.

Extracurricular Opportunities

We have a well-established Key Stage 2 choir, who meet weekly to sing and rehearse. They have performed at many events around the local community and are often invited to local promotions, openings and events. We have a school ukulele club who meet weekly during the summer term to play, create and compose songs.

The Curriculum

Music Policy

Singing Assembly

Skills Progression Rec – Year 6