Art and Design

Acquisition of sight precedes language. In a tangible sense visual engagement with the world situates us and defines who we are. At Elmridge, we aim to encourage and enable a high quality exploration of the visual arts. Art is a central element in our core values and mission: “Empowering children to shape the world of tomorrow”. Everything in our world must be designed, and each design starts with a vision, a sketch, a model or image. Equipping all our pupils with vital art and design skills will enable them to create and shape the world of tomorrow.

The Art curriculum at Elmridge enables children to develop their knowledge of techniques, media and styles alongside their knowledge of artists, designers and craftspeople. Children develop their artistic skills and understanding of key concepts of line, colour, form, texture and tone. Pupils at Elmridge have opportunities to use their learning in art in other curriculum areas as well as take part in dedicated Art days and whole school projects, working individually as well as collaboratively. Pupils are explorative learners undertaking an open ended journey through exciting activities which motivate and engage. Art at Elmridge enables children to express themselves creatively, build progression in skills and techniques and develop an appreciation for art to understand how it can reflect the world in which it was created.