Our aim

Our main aim is to provide quality experiences in all aspects of school life so enabling the children to be happy, successful and keen to learn, thus helping them to grow into young people who are fulfilled and able to make a positive contribution to society.

We do this in the context of a warm, welcoming and respectful ethos so that our caring ways are apparent to all who stay with us and so that our children will develop strong and correct positive values.

We are aiming to educate the whole child by presenting a total experience which is right and relevant to his/her individuality, thus fostering the child’s intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development.

We recognise that change and progress are an important part of everyday life and, therefore, aim to equip children to cope and flourish in dealing with the challenges faced by such changes.

Our approach

At Elmridge, our approach to the curriculum has a strong focus on the basic skills of English and Mathematics.  English and Mathematic skills are viewed as essential foundations to all other learning and we are proud of the ways in which we provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

We ensure our curriculum, supported by high quality classroom teaching, is enriched with a range of experiences.  These include specialist teaching, PE and music, visits/trips and residentials as well as inviting visitors to school to provide ‘theme’ days and experiences.