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Elmridge Primary School is now part of Bright Futures Educational Trust.

The Trust’s Articles of Association, Delegation Framework and other governance documents can be found on Bright Futures’ website: http://bfet.co.uk/information/governance-documents/

Governance information listed below is currently being reviewed and updated.

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring the school is run both efficiently and effectively by the Head of School and its staff, by playing the role of “critical friend”.  The Body meets in full 3 times per academic year and termly as part of 2 sub-committees, which cover the school’s operational structure – ‘Teaching and Learning’ and ‘Resources’.

The Governors take a full and active role in the monitoring of the School Development Plan.  Each Governor acts as a ‘Link Governor’ to a named member of staff and meets twice per week to focus on particular areas of the curriculum.

Each Governor is appointed or elected for a four-year term of office.

You can contact the Chair of Governors either via the school or email.

Local Governors

  • Individuals who sit on local governing bodies (LGBs) are usually referred to as ‘local governors’
  • Trustees delegate governance functions to the local level as per the Scheme of Delegation.
  • LGBs only have such responsibilities as are delegated to them by trustees and as indicated in the Scheme of Delegation
  • Trustees have complete discretion over what is delegated to each LGB
  • MAT leadership and management comes from the MAT executive leaders; governance comes from trustees and (only as a last resort) from members.

Download our Governing Body Terms of Reference and Remits

Deborah Pattison (Co-opted Chair of Govenors)  Term of Office appointed 01.09.19 to 31.08.23
Link Governor for Foreign Language and Music & on Teaching & Learning Sub-Committee

I have been associated with Elmridge Primary School for the past 12 years as both my sons attended the school. As well as being involved with the school and teachers in supporting my children’s education I have actively supported the PTA and for the last 4 years held the  position of Chair of the PTA.  This enabled me to work more closely with the school in not only raising valuable funds, but also identifying key areas where the PTA could support and fund activities and equipment for the educational and social development of all pupils.

Outside of school I am a qualified rugby coach and manage an Under 12s team.  This gives me further insight to the challenges faced by teachers and organisations in developing the skills and talents of children of mixed abilities

In my professional life, I have worked in various countries including teaching children in Spain as I studied both French and Spanish at University. I have a wealth of experience in management and leadership within the Banking industry where I have worked in many and varied departments within the Corporate Banking Sector and have held roles from Manager to Senior Director in the following areas Project Management, Client Relationship Management, Product Development Product Management and HR.

I feel that my experience as a parent, school supporter and sports coach gives me insight into the development and pastoral needs of children, this matched with my background of working in a heavily structured and regulated environment will allow me to make a positive contribution to Elmridge Primary School and the Dunham Trust to ensure that the great work that has already been achieved by the School is maintained and nurtured in a challenging environment.

Mark Edmundson – Head of School & on Teaching & Learning and Resources Sub-Committees (27.04.16)

I have been Head of School at Elmridge since January 2015, having previously been Associate Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. After qualifying as a secondary school teacher and teaching Spanish and French in Yorkshire for three years I made the transition to primary education.

I arrived at Elmridge nearly 17 years ago as a classroom teacher and have seen the school evolve dramatically during this time. I feel tremendously proud to work at the heart of this thriving school community alongside a talented and hard-working staff and Governing Body. Both my sons were educated at Elmridge and often share their happy memories of their time there. When I am not working or spending time with family, I enjoy running, reading and playing the guitar.

Neil Downie – Vice Chair (Co-opted Governor) Term of Office 13.11.18 to 12.11.22
Link Governor for Art & Design and Design Technology, Computing & on Teaching & Learning Sub-Committee

Elmridge has been part of my life for a very long time; I was a pupil myself thirty something years ago, my father was a parent governor, and both of my own children were, until recently, pupils there.

For a long time I ran my own IT business providing bespoke web development solutions to health services and police forces which required security clearance to the highest level.

From there, I turned my hand to photography, a childhood love, and have been an award winning freelance professional photographer for over 10 years serving commercial business needs, providing fine art wall hangings to consumers, supplying training and leading workshops around the world.

Experience running my own businesses has allowed me to develop comprehensive skills in the areas of finance, customer service and delivery along with a set of strong communication and listening skills, all of which I believe will help me make a positive contribution in the role of School Governor.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the school’s work, which is striving to provide outstanding education and pastoral care in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.

Robyn Stevenson (Staff Governor) Term of Office 1.09.19 to 31.08.23 & on Teaching & Learning Sub-Committee

I have worked at Elmridge since joining as the Reception class teacher in September 2013. I have since become the Nursery teacher and Early Years Lead.

Working at Elmridge, I have been able to focus on developing my career through various experiences; such as completing the NPQML, mentoring Newly Qualified Teachers and introducing new initiatives which have an impact across the whole school community.

Carolyn Moore (Co-opted Governor) Term of Office appointed 31.10.16 to 30.10.24
Link Governor for EYFS, Mathematics & on Resources Sub-Committee

My 3 children are in their mid-twenties and were all pupils at Elmridge and have such happy memories of school life. The school is exceptionally good at not only providing an excellent education but supporting and nurturing the children to become well rounded, caring young people. As parents we supported the school in all their events such as Fun Run, Summer and Christmas Fairs, Sports Day and our favourite Quiz Night so the school is also great at bringing children and parents together to enjoy having fun.

I left school with ‘A’ levels, but university was not for me, so I started work, not really knowing what I wanted to be, at Shell Chemicals Carrington in their Finance department. I was offered the opportunity to be sponsored by Shell to become an Accountant which I wanted to do. This meant working during the day for Shell then attending Manchester Metropolitan University three evenings a week 6-9pm for six years to pass the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams.

The majority of my working life was with AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, doing a variety of financial roles including site budget setting and monitoring, financial planning for R&D, working as a financial lead on a new computerised SAP Global Capital Asset system and becoming Global Capital Manager in charge of multi million pound fixed assets.

Now as I am retired, I have the time and energy to give back to Elmridge in any way I can to ensure that children have the best experience at school as my own children had. I would encourage every child to do the best they can whilst at school and Elmridge gives them that opportunity.

Catherine Air (Parent Governor) Term of Office appointed 13.11.18 to 12.11.22
Link Governor for English, Gifted & Talented, History & on Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee

I have recently been appointed as a Parent Governor at Elmridge, where my children are currently in Years 1 and 3. I grew up locally and, after completing my degree, returned to Manchester to undertake the Graduate Teacher Programme. I took up a teaching position at Withington Girls’ School in 2007, where I am now the Head of History. I have a genuine interest in how early education prepares children for lifelong learning.

I have always welcomed the opportunity to be involved in events at Elmridge and look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the Governing Body through my interest in – and experience of – Teaching and Learning. It is a privilege to be able to play a part in supporting the development of such a nurturing and aspirational school.

Christopher Smith (Co-opted Governor) Term of Office appointed 05.03.19 to 04.03.23
Link Governor for Safeguarding/H & S & on Resources Sub-Committee

I became a Governor at Elmridge after expressing an interest to volunteer via Governors for Schools.

I work for the Environment Agency as a Water Quality Planner, using data, models and statistics to regulate Water Companies and therefore improve water quality in our river systems. I have recently been working with partners to improve the conditions in the Manchester Ship Canal and surrounding rivers for our future generations.

Previous to this I spent 5 years in the world of Environmental Consultancy, providing technical knowledge to private sector clients.

My skills in science, health and safety, project management and IT will help me to provide advice where needed to the school and to be a part of the continued development of this amazing facility.”

Andrew Bassett (Co-opted Governor) Term of Office appointed 08.07.19 to 07.07.23 Link Governor for RE & Collective Worship, PSHCE & SMSC and PE & on Resources Sub-Committee

I’ve lived in the North West since starting University in 2006. After my degree I spent time living and working in Altrincham, before joining the BBC at Media City in 2014. Whilst at the BBC I’ve worked across our editorial, marketing and social media teams. In my current role I inform the sports newsroom with data insights to optimise performance of written and visual content.

The Governors role appealed to me as I wanted to give something back to an education system which has helped me develop to where I am today. I was drawn to Elmridge after touring the school with Mark; I was struck by the energy and effort on display. It was something I wanted to be part of.

Away from work I’m a keen runner and completed the 2019 London Marathon.

Catherine Youds (Co-Opted Governor) Term of Office appointed 23.09.19 to 22.09.23 Link Governor for SEN

I have lived in Timperley since 1998 and have 2 children; my son is currently at University and my daughter is studying for A levels.  I have a husband who travels a lot with work and 2 dogs.

I work as a HR and OD consultant and have a background in both the private and public sector, having worked for M & S for 11 years in Human Resources, and then the NHS for 12 years, the last 6 years of which I was People and Development Director in a large mental health trust.

In 2014, I set up a small HR consultancy and now support businesses of all sizes with their people issues, including supporting charities with HR on a voluntary basis.

I had thought about becoming a school governor for a number of years and was waiting for the right opportunity to come up.  I have known of Elmridge and its reputation for being a fantastic school and was hugely impressed by the enthusiasm and leadership shown by the Head and other staff.

Angeline Sands (Parent Governor) Term of Office appointed 01.11.19 to 31.10.23

I was delighted to have been recently appointed as a Parent Governor at Elmridge. I have three children, my older children are in Year 4 and Reception and my youngest child will start nursery at Elmridge in September 2020. We are relatively new to the school however we already feel privileged to have been welcomed into such a happy and nurturing school community. I am enthusiastic to work within the Governing Body to assist with the continual development of this excellent school whilst remaining continually focused on achieving the best outcomes for all children throughout their time at Elmridge.

In my professional life I am a Safeguarding and Child Protection Lawyer for a large, Local Authority. My work is entirely focused upon providing better outcomes for children when intervention is required and I believe that my professional skills will enable me to provide appropriate advice when it is needed, to carefully scrutinise future decision making and to work with a team of people who have one common goal; to ensure that Elmridge Primary School remains the fantastic school that it is!

Attendance at Local Governing Body Meetings 2020/2021

  Local Board 28.09.20 Local Board 01.02.21 Local Board 17.05.21

Debbie Pattison

Present Present  

Neil Downie

Present Present   

Mark Edmundson

Present Present   

Robyn Stevenson

Maternity Leave Present  

Carolyn Moore

Present Present   

Cat Air

Present Present   

Chris Smith

Present Apologies  

Andrew Bassett

Present Apologies  

Catherine Youds

Apologies Present   

Angeline Sands

Present Present   
Observers Jayne Carmichael  Zoe Pilkington  
  Zoe Pilkington    


Attendance at Resources Sub-committee Meetings 2020/21

  Resources Sub 30.11.20 Resources Sub 22.03.21 Resources Sub 05.07.21
Mark Edmundson Present Present  
Chris   Smith Present  Apologies  
Carolyn Moore Present Apologies  
Andrew Bassett Present Present   
Angeline Sands Present Present  
Catherine Youds Present Present  

Governor Clerk

Alison Katic

Alison Katic   

Attendance at Teaching and Learning Sub-committee Meetings 2020/21

  T&L Sub 23.11.20 T&L Sub 15.03.21 T&L Sub 12.07.21
Mark Edmundson Present Present  
Debbie Pattison Present Apologies  
Robyn Stevenson Maternity Leave Apologies  
Neil Downie Present Present   
Catherine Air Present Present   





Register of interests 2020/21


Attendance at Local Governing Body Meetings 2019/20

  Local Board 23.09.19 Local Board 27.01.20 Local Board 11.05.20
Debbie Pattison  Apologies Apologies Apologies
Neil Downie Present Present Present
Mark Edmundson Present Present Present
Robyn Stevenson Present Present Maternity Leave
Dr Jawad Amin Present Term of office expired Term of office expired
Carolyn Moore Apologies Present Present
Cat Air Present   Present
Chris Smith Present Apologies Apologies
Andrew Bassett Present Present Present
Catherine Youds Present Present Present
Angeline Sands N/A N/A Present
Observers Zoe Pilkington   Jayne Carmichael Nicola Toop

Attendance at Resources Sub-committee Meetings 2019/20

  Resources Sub18.11.19 Resources Sub09.03.20 Resources Sub29.06.20
Mark Edmundson Present Present Present
Chris Smith Apologies Present Present
Carolyn Moore Present Present Present
Andrew Bassett Present Present Present
Angeline Sands N/A Present Present
Catherine Youds N/A N/A Present
Observers Governor Clerk Governor ClerkAlison Katic Alison Katic

Attendance at Teaching and Learning Sub-committee Meetings 2019/20

  T&L Sub11.11.19 T&L Sub02.03.20 T&L Sub22.06.20
Mark Edmundson Present Present Present
Debbie Pattison Present Apologies Present
Robyn Stevenson Apologies – Parents Evening Present Maternity Leave
Neil Downie Present Present Present
Catherine Air Present Present Present
Observers   Jayne Carmichael Jayne Carmichael


Zoe Pilkington