Gift Aid

As you may be aware Elmridge Primary School operates a School Trust, which is a registered charity and provides vital funding for the benefit of all the current pupils of Elmridge.  The advantage of the School Trust is that it allows both Elmridge and the parent/donor to claim a tax rebate on any donation given due to the Trust’s charitable status.

The Trustees, Mr Edmundson and all the staff and the Governors would like to thank all the current and past donators to the Trust for their generous and invaluable support.

At present the Trust provides funding towards the ICT maintenance and Zen Internet (the net nanny) that monitors our computer system and protects your children.  There is also a significant contribution towards the Multiskills teaching. Multiskills is provided by the Sport Development team and Years 1 through to 6 are taught a variety of sports. There are also additional sessions for team sports, gifted and talented pupils and hard to reach pupils. These take place over 2 days each week and form a valuable part of the schools broad curriculum.  Multiskills provision costs Elmridge £6000 per year. The Trust also supports other areas within the curriculum such as art, music and drama.

At a recent meeting The Trustees were extremely concerned at the substantial reduction in the number of donors; it is now at its lowest point with only 10 parents donating.  This means only 10 parents are paying for the privilege of all children gaining from the ICT support and Multiskills.  The effect of reduced Government funding means the school budget is no longer able to cover these costs without reducing funds to other areas within school.  Unless there is an increase in the Trust donations the Multiskills may not be supported in the future.  This will have a huge effect on all the children who have come to accept this as part of their weekly timetable.

We would like to appeal to all parents to consider whether they feel able to donate to the Trust.  A small regular donation of £5/£10 per month would make a considerable difference and allow the Trust to continue enhancing the education of all the current pupils at Elmridge.

The forms are below, but if you would like any further information, the Trustees can be contacted through the school office.

Thank you in advance of your consideration and support.