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Elmridge has received an invitation, from the Minister of State for Schools, to join the NCTL reviewer director for Pupil Premium. A directory can assist you in finding system leaders in your local area who are able to provide support with Pupil Premium Reviews.  Schools can make contact us to ask us to undertake a pupil premium review.


There are now many opportunities for leaders to give or receive support, and a growing body of evidence that this type of collaboration is making a significant and positive difference across the education system.

Following a high level of School to School support, a subsequent Ofsted inspection followed.  The report (May 2014) commented on the impact of the School to School support:


“Experienced middle and senior leaders are supporting new or less experienced colleagues well; several teachers have taken full advantage of additional training opportunities through the link with the teaching school and through external consultants’ input. All of this has helped to raise the overall quality of teaching across the school.”


“Staff are very well supported by an effective programme of ongoing training. A period of intensive support from the teaching school’s specialists and other consultants has supported ongoing improvement. Staff at all levels have worked hard to take full advantage of these training opportunities to help them make sure that the needs of all pupils are met effectively.”