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The First Dunham Trust Arts Festival - 20.06.16 to 9.07.16

For 3 weeks The Dunham Trust Arts Festival celebrated creativity with over 100 pupils involved  in workshop activities, in addition 50 pupils celebrated achieving Arts Award Explore/Arts Award Discover with opportunities to explore the works of:

  • Spanish artist Lorca and his Gypsy Ballads through movement
  • Gaudi’s architecture and design
  • Our own great playwright William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Artists-in-Residence Dee Dewar, Liz Taylor and Bettina Carpi facilitated the participatory sessions. Dee Dewar also used her experience and understanding of Islamic Art and offered a family workshop in this genre. 

The Trust’s partnership with The Whitworth Art Gallery played a significant role with several groups participating at The Whitworth in bespoke workshops, one group improvised ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  Pupils from our SLiCE partner school, Delamere, rehearsed and performed their movement piece in the South Gallery.

As part of the legacy of the festival 6 teachers from The Trust became trained Arts Award Advisers for Arts Award Explore/Arts Award Discover.

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The Dunham Trust Arts Festival 2016/2017


The second Dunham Trust Arts Festival has taken place across The Trust including a variety of activities, including:

  • Theatre of The Oppressed workshop
  • Spanish artist Lorca workshop
  • Masterclass
  • Jackson Pollack Splash workshop

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A talented group of creative artists have led the festival, including a week long visit from an enthusiastic group of German conceptual artists.  A number of locations, including The Lowry, have been used to introduce pupils to a range of creative workshops, activities and performances.  These have included dance, movement, drama, theatre skills, poetry and painting techniques.