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The promotion of sport, outdoor education and the creative arts is a significant feature of the schools within The Dunham Trust. The Trust recognises the importance of:

  • Development of pupil self esteem
  • Offering a broad range of out-of-classroom experiences

In order to achieve this each school in the Trust aims to provide a range of high quality experiences:

“They come this way only once so we should litter their pathways with quality experiences”

Individual schools in The Trust have regular opportunities to participate in joint creative projects, led by a wide range of creative specialist. These inclusive opportunities also provide a successful platform for both staff networking and staff professional development.

Many of these creative project form part of the Teaching School’s research and development activity as well as providing the staff within the Trust with  high quality CPD.  Individual staff members have the opportunity to work alongside experienced creative artists. This collaborative process allows for the creative artists to share their specialist artistic skills, knowledge and experience under the leadership of the classroom teacher.