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The DfE have now made provision for every school in the country to send 3 governors completely FREE of charge to 3 workshops on:

  1. Performance Related Pay
  2. RAISEonline
  3. Financial Efficiency

In partnership with Edge Hill's Leadership Academy, we are delighted to be hosting each workshop during 2016/2017 as a twilight training session.  Each workshop lasts two and a half hours.  Any of governors can attend these workshops and they can chose to attend one, two or all three of the workshops


For full details of workshops including delivery dates and venues click here

To book a place on please phone 0161 980 4941 or email 

Workshop 1

Performance Related Pay

Do you understand:

  • Your responsibilities with Performance Related Pay for teaching staff?
  • How to prepare for appeals?
  • The opportunities and the challenges posed by the changes?
  • How to implement a PRP policy?

Workshop 2

Financial Efficiency

Do you understand:

  • Your role in terms of efficiency and good financial management, including the importance of the “challenge” function?
  • How to interpret relevant financial and other performance data?
  • The value of benchmarking?
  • Effective workforce deployment?

Workshop 3


Do you understand:

  • The contribution of RAISEonline to school selfevaluation and school improvement?
  • The range and type of data available from RAISEonline?
  • The interpretation of data available in RAISEonline?
  • The importance of using a range of measures to evaluate the performance of your school?