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Elmridge's first cohorts of School Direct trainees have been highly successful. 

  • 2014-2015 100% achieved a 'Good' grading, of which 80% achieved 'Outstanding' and 100% were employed in readiness for start of the new school year
  • 2015-2016 100% achieved an 'Outstanding' grading, one trainee decided to widen her educational experience and look toward a pastoral/welfare role, of the remaining trainees - 100% of trainees were employed in readiness for start of the new school year

As part of Manchester Metropolitan University's quality assurance procedures Elmridge was selected for a ‘Quality Development Review’ in June 2016.  This was a rigorous process and reviewed:

  •  Management and governance of the School Direct alliance
  •  Quality assurance of training across the alliance
  •  Quality assurance of mentoring and expertise across the alliance
  •  Accuracy of assessment across the alliance

We were delighted to be awarded ‘Advanced Partnership’ status and many, many strengths of our School Direct programme were praised including the way in which Placement B is significantly tailored toward trainee needs and is not decided upon until interim report stage of placement A in order to provide an appro-priately supportive context.

Elmridge, along with its School Direct lead school partners Gorsey Bank Primary School and Gatley Primary School, has been asked to share its innovative practice on enquiry-based resarch. This involves the trainees experiencing a specific school-based training session in May, on recognising the value of research. Following this session the trainees plan a research project to enhance an area of development and present their research projects with the rest of the cohort. Presentation day is always fascinating with research covering a range of topics including:

  •  Progression in reasoning
  •  The value of spelling tests
  •  The impact of feedback